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MIDO Company specializes in the importation and distribution of Premium Food and Beverage food stuff since 1977.  The company also has a facility that produces Smoked Salmon, which is considered to be the first in the region since 1985.  The Smoked Salmon is traded in the market under the brand name MIDO. 

The company’s products and services can be found through several division; Beverage, Food, Pastry, Bakery, Equipment, University of coffee and Supply Chain Services.

Our distribution arm reaches all the desired channels; Hospitality such as Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, QSRs, Casual Dining, air lines and caterers.   On the Retail side we reach the organized trade, Traditional Trade and Non Traditional trade as well as leisure and entertainment.



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Haagen-Dazs Retail line

June, 2012
MIDO has launched successfuly the Haagen-Dazs retail line during June 2012.  The launch was great and the feed back was impressive.  Now you can find the Haagen-Dazs retail products in On The Run, soaady, Royal House, Gourmet, Marriott Cairo, Four seasosn, Dusit, Fairmont and many other locations.

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Egypt's Air Smoked Salmon

March, 2012
MIDO has won  Egypt's Air 2012 annual Smoked Salmon supply contract.  MIDO will be supplying Egypt's Air catering division with the finest Norwegian Smoked Salmon produced at MIDO's state-of-art-facility.

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EVIAN - Best Margin Provider

April, 2012
MIDO has won the "Best Margin Provider" prize from Evian International for its contribution to Evian success in Egypt.

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illy espresso & Cilantro cafe

February, 2012
MIDO has signed a five years illy coffee supply agreement with Egypt's biggest Cafe chain CILANTRO.  The agreement will entitle Cilantro to sell illy's retail line as well as the right to serve illy's Medium Roast Blend.

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